Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feeling sooooooo satisfied

It is a wonderful feeling to finish a crafty project in a couple of hours.

Today I crocheted a rug from the recycled t-shirt strips I cut a while or so ago, and used my handmade wooden crochet hook to make it with.

And now it adornes the floor in the bathroom.

This was so easy to make, but I really fell in love with using recycled cotton t-shirts and my huge hook because it is just so so so so fast!

Start with a chain of 25, on the basis that my strips of fabric were a couple of centimetres wide on average and my hook is about 22 mm size, this gives a width of approx 60 cm.

The body is then crocheted in half double crochet, a new stitch for me but really easy, it gives a denser, knobblier finish to the rug.

I have no idea how many rows I crocheted because I just kept going until I had used up all my cotton strips.

At the end of each row, chain 2 to create the first stitch, turn the work, then hdc in each stitch to the end.

How to : HDC = half double crochet

yarn over the hook as you would for a double crochet

push the hook through the top two yarns of the hole

hook the yarn and pull through all three loops on the crochet hook - don't yarn over again

so, yarn over the hook, push through the top two yarns of the hole, don't yarn over again, pull through all three loops on your hook to create one half double crochet stitch

When it was time to join the strips, I just knotted them together and wove the tails back through the stitches.
May have to reward myself with a glass of wine and slice of cake now.

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Susie said...

That's very impressive, definitely deserves wine and cake ;-).