2011 - The Three Cs Blog

Having given some deep thought to the content and format of my 2011 blog - this is what I have come up with.

Rather than a project a day - due to work committments this year and having been there and done that last year, for 2011 my blog will be:  The 3 Cs

Cook something new
Create something new
Capture something new

So every month you can look forward to a new how-to for the home, garden or wardrobe, alongside a new recipe and a whole slew of new photos.

My first new creation was going to be a brand new and sparkling blog site on wordpress.  But after a few hours of stressful perusal I have given up on that idea - why is wordpress so hard to use?  I know I have a bit of a cold at the moment but my head is not that thick surely.  Plus it lacks a few of the things I have gotten used to, like being able to blog photos direct from picassa, the flickr slide show and the facebook links for those who follow my blog there.  And the photos take forever to load.

So back to blogspot and a new page for 2011.