Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The down side of being organised

The day I cleared out the wardrobe and nattily arranged all my lovely wools and cottons, I also sorted out all the knitting and crochet needles.

Then, yesterday when I decided to crochet myself a lovely new foraging bag for all my pine cones, I could not find the crochet needles.

They were not where my inner nerd had decreed that they should be, so I was completely flummoxed. Where could they be? You know it took me nearly an hour to track them down. Somewhere in amongst all that frantic nerd activity I decided that the best place for them to be was in the embroidery box. Don't ask me the logic of that because I really don't know. They are now safely ensconced with the crochet cottons.

Anyway while trawling around the web looking for inspirational crochet patterns I was astounded at the number of recycled material patterns there are around now, for rag bags and rag rugs.  I am utterly jealous and utterly entranced - Inpsiration has struck!

Well almost - I don't have any crochet hooks big enough, my largest is the No8 currently in use making my new bag.

So - take a piece of oak.

Introduce it to a mini drill, some sanding paper and then a smear of floor varnish, and there you have a HUGE oak, handmade crochet hook ready for some rag rugging.
Will have to experiment with the hook to see if it needs to be bigger but that is a good start for now.

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Susie said...

Aaaah! Very clever!

Absinthe Fairy said...

lets just hope it works