Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mental Arithmetic and Rose Hip Tea

I am out walking the dog this morning and feeling, well, not really in the mood for it to be honest.

So as I am strolling along it occurs to me to tot up my steps as there are various exponents declaring various numbers to be the ideal for a healthy lifestyle, and I don't own one of those new fangled type pedometer thingies.

On the basis that I average 1 mile per 15 minutes (as per those good old days on the treadmill in the gym!)

1 mile = 1.6 km

I walked for 1 hour therefore 4 miles = 6.4 km

6.4 km = 6400 metre

On average my stride is 50cm, therefore today I have walked 12800 steps.

No wonder the dog is looking longingly for home.

And what were all these steps in aid of - well the search for the elusive Rose Hips...

With a good stash of these in my foraging bag, back home to light the fire and get these drying.

I am just going to nip off the dried flower end, cut them in half and put them on a tray in the warming oven of the Rayburn for the evening to dry out fully.

They then need a seiving to get those tiny little hairs off the dried rosehips then storage in a clean dry glass jar for the winter.

To make tea, steep a large teaspoonful of dried rosehips in a large mug of hot water, preferably in one of those loose leaf tea whatnots or an empty tea bag.

Rosehip tea is supposed to be beneficial in building up your immune system and a way of staving off colds, it is also supposed to be good for flushing your kidneys and mild arthritis.

I also make a face wash akin to those I made earlier in the year with chamomile tea.

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Damn The Broccoli said...

Rosehips have more vitiman C in them than just about any other fruit. However I seem to remember it being a very unstable compound so not sure if it survives the drying process.

We, well, m'Lady made rosehip jelly which is amazing.