Friday, October 1, 2010

Itty bitty projects

With the sun out today and it getting really rather warm it was far too nice to stay cooped up indoors, so today lots of little things got done.

Flower pots were weeded, roses were transplanted, greenhouse was weeded, tomatoes were laid out in the sun to redden, some more beans were podded, my gardening shed got a tidy up and sorting out ready for spring, winter storage boxes were found, cleaned and laid in the sun to dry ready for carrots and beets to be stored in them, onions got a brushing and hung up in fishing nets to use over the winter and another sack of spuds was dug.

In addition, to go with my new crochet hook that I made the other day, I got started with creating the yarn I am going to use.

I am not fully decided yet whether I am making a bag or a rug, but I have a few more tshirts to go before I have enough cotton strips to get going.

All I did was cut off the bottom hem and start cutting in a spiral about an inch wide all the way up to the armpits to create a long strip of fabric ready to crochet with.

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