Friday, May 7, 2010

Inexpensive birthday treats.

Thursday was my hubby's birthday, only another 12 months until he hits the big '0'.

With money so tight there was no question of searching for fancy gifts and therefore my attention had to turn to those inexpensive treats that show you care.

Not surprisingly really the first thing he wanted to do was go to the supermarket - I am sure he has a tapeworm - he spends a lot of time taking care of his belly and sometimes it can be so noisy that we are all convinced that he is cultivating a farm of tapeworms in there.

First things first, he had a lie in while I went and braved the elements to feed the chickens and rabbits, then a cup of coffee in bed curled up around his kitten.

Then a quick trip to the supermarket - with no gifts to open and no chance of heading out for a birthday meal, I agreed to supply his tapeworm with what it wanted.  And it wanted beer and steak.

Today's project therefore - pander to the birthday boy, with bacon butties for lunch, then beer and steak for dinner in the evening and his choice of DVD's.

We ran out of gift ideas long ago and now birthday treats revolve around time-outs.  A lie-in with a book, or an afternoon lounging around with a DVD, a bottle of nice wine, a nice dinner at home (with no washing up) and someone else doing the weeding.  These are the simple things that give pleasure and don't cost a fortune.

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