Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The lilac tree in bloom

What a shame you can't see it because of the snow.

That's right - snow.

It started snowing this morning at about 10 and has not stopped but more importantly it is sticking.

My poor lilac on the verge of blossoming is now covered in snow as of course is all the garden.

I had not put much in thankfully, but things like the herbs and flowers that were self seeding and were doing well are now vanishing under a thick layer of snow and I can only cross my fingers that they will pull through, but with more on the forecast I am just not sure.

The seeds that I did put in may survive the cold but at least most things are still in the greenhouse and the cold frames.

Here is the view from the greenhouse back up towards the house and across the herb garden.  As you can see my red weed is now under a layer of snow and my poly tunnel is sagging under the weight of it.

Everything underneath still looks OK at the moment.

My herbs are a decent size, except for the tarragon and sage, and hopefully my strawberries will survive this cold blast, they had not started flowering yet.

But I am not sure that this weather will mean for my apples.

My trees are late bloomers which normally means that they miss all the cold weather but this year they are flowering right in the middle of this cold snap and that may mean I have no apples to harvest later this year.

Today's project is therefore more of an emergency measure than anything - drag out the fleeces and the cloches and cover as much as I can to try to keep it alive.  Just popped back inside for a warm in front of the fire, now going back out to battle the elements and try to preserve some garden for when this cold spell finally passes.

I think this is the first time that Brendan has celebrated his birthday in the snow.
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Jon said...

Out here in the West we've got bitter North Easterly winds, but we're still comfortably about freezing. I guess your higher up than we are, which can't be helping. Good luck with the insulation exercise.