Friday, May 7, 2010

Hurrah - Friday at last.

With the stresses of the weather this week and pandering to the birthday boy's tapeworm, this week just seems to have gone on forever.

I think that the worst thing this week has been the loss of the swallows.

We have them nesting in the barn every year, and sure enough they came back this Spring, made their nests and were busy settling in for the Summer.  Then the temperatures plummeted, it rained very heavily for a few days, that then turned to snow and as a result there have been hardly any flying insects around - nothing for the swallows to eat.  And now they are all dead or gone.  We have dead birds in the barn as well as a couple of abandoned nests with eggs in.  It is really sad.

I hope that they will return next year, I know that they tend to come back to the same nesting spots year on year, I just hope that they remember us next Spring.

We got our water bill this morning for last year's consumption.  58m3 for the three of us.  On the basis that 1000 litres is one metre cubed, that means we have consumed 58000 litres of water, that is 19,333 litres on average per person for a year, 53 litres per person per day.

This compares very well to the average consumption per person per day in France of 287 litres. (data taken from

After giving us a mental pat on the back - I decided to go off and do something more entertaining instead. 

A while ago one of my clients hoarded some lovely boxes that their apples came in for me, but unfortunately due to the flimsy egdes most of them were broken, so this afternoon I spent some time repairing them with ribbon and my hot glue gun. 

These mini-crates are ready now for displaying my wares at the July car boot - I just have to get on with making more wares to display.

Pictures to follow shortly.

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