Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's loose ends and false starts

Well it was definitely not a day for weeding this morning, -2 degrees celcius only just warming up to 5 degrees celcius by lunchtime.

So I thought I would get stuck into a few of the loose ends lying around the studio and in the end managed to only get one thing almost finished. Not one of my better days but then you can't win them all.

I finished knitting the long strap that will be attached to one of the denim pant leg bags shortly, fringed it and crocheted a selection of flowers to finish it with, but did not get it attached to the bag today before leaving for work.

By the time I got home, the sun had actually come out and it was almost pleasant outside. Which is why the strap did not get attached to the bag. It was just too pleasant to be inside - so I made a start on the elder twigs that I have been weathering in the garden for the previous couple of years.

These are from some elder trees that died back a few years ago, and rather than cut them down I left them in situ and they now have a beautiful pale blonde patina. Today I cut them to the lengths that seemed right with the natural twists and turns of the wood and started the sanding process.

I only got the first rough sanding finished before it was too dark to be outside tonight, to give the wood its final polished finish it needs sanding with some finer grade paper, then oiling to preserve the wood but not to alter the colour.

I also got some additional lengths cut, which I intend to use with some black and red natural wood dye I found reduced in a local craft shop the other week to create some more decorative twigs and also some buttons.

The photo is last years apple blossom - we are so late this year that whilst my trees are at the point of blooming they have not done so yet. Looking forward to getting some new photos taken soon. In the sunshine - fingers crossed.
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