Monday, April 12, 2010

Wardrobe refashion - revamp a top and make some shorts

This plain grey jacket top was donated to Thea some time ago and unfortunately she did not like it, and I must admit that I was not keen on how plain it was (hmmmm - realise at this point that I don't have a before photo - so you will just have to imagine that the whole top was grey with large round grey plastic buttons).

To jazz it up a bit, I took apart a red shirt that had frills around the neck, and down the bodice, but was a bit tatty and worn looking and generally would not flatter a super model.
I took the neck line frill and added it to the sleeve of the grey jacket with a box pleat, I kept the pussybow ties and these now tie underneath the sleeve.
The frills that ran down the front of the shirt I also detached and doubled up to create a fuller frill and this I stitched to the collar line of the grey jacket.
To finish I removed the boring grey buttons and replaced them with large black bevelled glossy buttons.

This top will be featured in my new revamped shop alongside some other wardrobe refashions - I have come to the conclusion that my wardrobe is overflowing already and that it is about time I sold some of these - no point in waiting for Thea to change her mind and wear them.

To supplement my own wardrobe for the summer however, I took a pair of trousers that were very long in the leg - I think they must have been intended for a giraffe, and set about the pant legs with a pair of sharp scissors.

The end result being a pair of shorts.  These are hemmed a bit longer at knee length, then double folded up with a couple of securing stitches, then finished with a couple of loops (an old string tie from a floral skirt that became some cushions a while ago) around a couple of silver coloured buttons.

The extra extra-long length trouser legs will become bags shortly, to be decorated with embroidery, beading and some crochet flowers and handles to feature in the shop.

Just have to get on with finishing them now.  I have managed to finish the cotton bag that I mentioned a few days ago, that now has beaded and sequined daisy flowers on it, just got the black bag to finish off.

I am quite happy with my finishing touches started on Sunday and finished today - a good couple of days of sewing.

I know it does not seem like a lot but the red frills are in a delicate fabric that had to be hand sewn all along the edges to prevent fraying and it just took forever today - not to mention I managed to burn my thimble finger on the edge of the fire.

Oh well, work tomorrow. Real work with real clients............hopefully will get the herb garden weeded before I head out - but that very much depends on the weather and how cold it feels when you are outside kneeling on the ground.

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