Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Wardrobe ReFashion - Part 1 - Take 2 plain white Tshirts

This is my weekend wardrobe refashion - Part 1 - Two plain white Tshirts.

These Tshirts were part of a bundle kindly donated to my studio by a friend a couple of weeks ago.

The first thing I did was to remove the sleeves and the necklines of both Tshirts. I really don't like round crew necks and much prefer a V neck, so I marked out a V with some tailors chalk and cut along the lines.

Considering that I set up my sewing machine in the studio, most of this weekend was spent hand sewing - not really sure how that worked out.

Rather than try to hem the edges of the stretchy material the tshirt is made from I hand stitched some vintage lace to the arm holes and neckline.

So now I had one V neck vest top instead of a Tshirt - but as it was quite plain still, I decided to jazz it up a little with some flowers taken from another Tshirt that had been cut up into dusters a while ago.

First I took some white netting cut into a long strip, folded it in half and tacked along the bottom edge with some white cotton, then pulled it together to form a rosette, which acts as the backing to one flower. 

The second flowers was just stiched into position with some matching red embroidery thread,

With one vest finished I thought I may as well continue with the second while I was on a roll and the studio was warm - I have been burning all the scutty bits from the bottom of the wood pile, so lots of bark and chips - makes for a messy smoky fire but lots of heat.

The second T shirt was combined with what was left of a skirt I bought on Ebay three years ago, but ripped on some barbed wire and kept the material scraps because I just knew one day I would have a use for them.

I cut the material in two long strips, folded them in half, ironed the fold, then folded the two inner edges in and ironed into place again.  The armhole edge then got fed into the fold, pinned and machined into place.

The V neckline was once again finished with some vintage lace, hand stitched into position.

To finish I added some circles cut from the same skirt material along the bottom of the vest.  I think I may add some beading to these circles but my hands had had quite enough hand stitching by then so stopped at this point.

I have just realised that I did not take a photo of the finished vests.  I'll see if my model is free later today and try to remember to take some finished shots for that before and after feel.

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