Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Wardrobe ReFashion - Part 2 - Take 1 pullover

Amongst the bundle of clothes recently donated to me, was this pullover.

I detest high neck jumpers or shirts, but I really liked the wool in this jumper all variagated blues and tropical greens, so I thought I would try something new. I decided to turn this pullover into a cardigan.

I started by removing the offending neck piece (which got rolled over and stitched to create a headband - but that is yet another story!). This was much harder than I anticipated, as it was stiched into place, then overlocked, so there was quite a bit of unpicking to do.

 Having removed the neck, I chose a line halfway across the chest, and pinned it to allow me to follow it easily, then cut up the centre of the jumper.

Then with some silk ribbon taken from my miscellaneous box of stuff, I hemmed the two cut edges, and hand stitched - yes hand stitched AGAIN - the ribbon, because the stretchy wool and the silk together did not make for a neat line in the machine - and believe me I did try first.

To finish the neck line and prevent the wool unravelling, I pinned then tacked some interface webbing to it.  (Not being a seamstress or tailor I don't know the proper terms for the materials, but I think it is interface webbing).

And that is all she wrote on that one, as I don't actually know how I am going to finish the neck line on this cardigan - I have enough ribbon left to finish it or some lace - but that may look a bit too twee, so will have to debate on this for a while longer.

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