Monday, March 15, 2010

First calluses of Spring

Whilst some people may measure Spring by daffodils or crocuses, I tend to see the first signs of Spring in the calluses on my hands.

Spring cleaning of the garden has begun with the first rotavating of the season. Generally I turn the ground at least 3 times before planting, doing a root and weed pick as I go along and turning in any manure that I have put down in the process.

The chickens love a good bit of rotavation and do a really good job of collecting up the first lot of hibernating bugs before they wake up. The worms are still too deep for them to get to so no danger to that population.

Listening to the motor chug along has a soporific effect on me, and I find myself almost meditating as I stroll leisurely up and down the furrows.

Off for a long soak in a hot bath now - meditation or not the vibration and the weight of the rotavator itself is enough to set all my muscles protesting after a winter of inactivity.

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Ellen said...

Oh, I wish I was this far allready!

See you later....

Absinthe Fairy said...

Just trying to squeeze everything in before the weather changes again