Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blowing away the cobwebs

Metaphorically speaking that is.

Woke up to another stack of emails today and not a cheery one amongst them, they were all either someone missed a meeting, someone else was a no show, paperwork not being filed on time, can you call to chase up - blah blah blah.  By the time I left to go to work today it already felt like I had done 12 hours.

So this afternoon with an unseasonably warm bit of sun, my hubby and I went for a ride out on the bike.

Just a bit of slow and gentle lane pottering, seeing the countryside starting to turn green, being able to see the views of the snow capped mountains against the beautiful clear blue sky just made both of us feel a bit better and a bit more human.  Some quality together time.

Came home and finished ploughing the veg garden, and made a new recipe, baked endives with pancetta and cream, and now I am going to relax with a glass of my own cocktail conncoction in my newly decorated apero glasses - following on in the vein from a previous post - why save things for best - I've painted them, they were only cheap and now I am going to use them - so there!

Tonight's cocktail is:

1 part cassis liqueur
1 part blackberry and elderberry vodka I made last year
2 parts mixed fruit juice
5 parts white wine
5 parts lemonade
and a few elderflower cordial ice cubes to finish it off with

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