Friday, March 12, 2010

More repair work

What a strange day weather wise, got up to another couple of centimetres of snow having fallen overnight, and it was still snowing at 9 am. But by 10.30 am the sun was out and most of the snow had melted away. Unfortunately there is still yet more snow on the forecast for the weekend. Roll on Spring!

Anyway I had another roll of hay delivered yesterday and the upper barn is a complete disaster area now with bits of wood, sawdust, straw and hay everywhere. Luckily it is way too cold to be up there sorting it out, but to be on the safe side it was definitely time to move the cold frames out before they got even more broken.

They need a bit of a fixing together as it was, so Bren drilled through the aluminium runners and we secured all the corners with some wire to stop the frames falling apart, then a quick wipe off and into position against the whitewashed wall of my studio. Here they benefit from sun but are well sheltered from the wind.

How safe they are going to be from Mr Pink I'm not yet sure, he doesn't seem to have worked out that they are warm inside yet, but give him time and I am sure he will.

I also delved into the back of the lower barn and sorted out all my seedling pots - these were a great find last year in our local tip after the commune had spent some money on new flowers to brighten the place up, I must have a hundred or so of these little pots and trays now ready to use this year.

And finally, in amongst all the junk at the back of the barn I found an old bit of furniture, one of those kitchen island things with tiles on the top and wire baskets. We used to have this in the bathroom for towels and toiletries until I rescued a cupboard from a friend and put that into the bathroom instead.

The little island will come in useful for my scraps of material in the studio, so a good wash down (the chickens had been roosting on the top of it - very messy), a dry out overnight and I can spend some time organising my material tomorrow while Bren is out for the day.

I just hope that it is warm enough to set up home in the studio on Saturday - I have lots of things that I want to get on with - brimming with ideas at the moment but no way of realising them.

 Mr Pink and Arthur enjoying a bit of March sunshine.
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Damn The Broccoli said...

Mr Pink?

Is he as happy with that name as the Reservoir Dogs character?

You name you animals like we do!