Friday, March 26, 2010

After the rain

This photo taken this evening at 7pm, after the rain had passed. The whole garden looks greener and smells fresh and clean after the cleansing rain.

Had a bit of time out this afternoon and travelled to Riom to find some garden chairs.  Up until last year we had been using an old dining room set of table and chairs in the garden, but after the chairs got left outside one too many times they literally just blew apart, so we went to find some others today as all the shops are full of garden stuff now.

When we got back, I spent a happy hour in the greenhouse, getting the next batch of seeds lined up and dated in my gardening diary, ready to go out. 

This weekend is a fruit planting weekend so I intend to get some of my tomatoes and cucumbers in pots.  I have decided to re-seed some of my herb garden which is looking a bit pecked and scratched bare after the chicken raids of winter, and to that end I found some rosemary and cumin seeds today, so I have just planted those up.

 I am still using my rabbit poo compost, and for these tiny seeds, I very lightly packed the compost into black pots, then sprayed the compost with greenhouse temperature water before sprinkling a few of the seeds and then crumbling some more of the compost very lightly on top.
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Fran said...

A wondeful picture, that blue sky is beautiful.

Jennifer Hill said...

Agree. Amazing colours and the dark outline of the tree a real tribute to the season.

Absinthe Fairy said...

Thank you for your comments.