Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fitting it all in before going to work

I am off to a new job this afternoon, so I am trying to get everything uploaded, written up and sorted out before I go.

Yesterday's projects were lots of little things that just needed to be done, including an hour spent amassing all the paperwork required to register with my new agency for today's new job.  By the time I had found, copied, scanned and emailed fifteen different pieces of paper my head was hurting and my lack of patience over the slow internet connection was frustrating me and causing a very very bad mood.  I almost had to resort to a very early gin and tonic to recover.

By the time I got that sorted out, I had little enthusiasm for anything else, but did manage to get a bit more of that blasted jumper unpicked, as well as converting the sleeves into a pair of fingerless gloves.

That made me feel a little better, so I thought I would just indulge myself a bit more, and taking the scraps left over from the scraps of underskirt I used to make cushions and then to decorate the jacket the other day, I decorated the new headband I quickly knocked up the other day.

This is just the neck of a jumper, unpicked at the seam, then rolled in on itself and hand stitched with some matching red wool to create a stretchy headband, for those days when it is too sunny for a hat but too windy to be without something keeping your ears warm while you are working outside.

Only problem is - it clashes dreadfully with my currently purple hair - never mind - can't have everything. 

The decoration is the same as the jacket, just a looping running stitch pinning down a long strip of underskirt into some vague swirls, and then the final scraps sewn up into a little flower at the end.

I finished the day with some indulgent TV viewing, and some cotton buds soaked in acetone, cleaning up a keyboard that belongs to a computer kindly donated to us by some friends.  For some reason this simple act of cleaning something spotless really helped me to relax and I felt much better.  Some days I think I need more serious help than a gin and tonic can provide!

Today the forecasters have announced rain followed by rain, with strong winds and risk of temperatures dropping low enough to give us snow again at the start of next week. 

But I am determined that they have got it wrong.

So I went ahead and started my first salad sowing under the poly tunnel in the garden.

I use the natural sections to succession sow, and so have the first row of lettuce leaves, spring onions and radishes under cover - hopefully ready to start sprouting soon.

I want Spring - and I want it now!

OK - so armed with a wedge of paperwork in hand - off I go to find some old moulin, tucked away in a  village that doesn't show on any of my maps, hopefully won't get too lost and be late for my first day.

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