Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday's child is full of woe

Only because I had to work today.

I mean I work everyday, but that is a job I enjoy - working as a carer for the elderly and handicapped suits me, and has helped me immensely with learning the French language. 

But whilst it keeps the wolf from the door, it doesn't pay for things like car repairs - and my Land Rover needs some new bits - a rocker cover gasket, 8 push rods, a clutch master cyclinder, and front panhard rod bushes.  Well she is celebrating her 21st birthday this year!!

Thankfully I had the foresight to marry a mechanic so I get the labour for free. (Although he costs a fortune in food and beer, and the hot water for washing all that oil off afterwards).

Today was all about earning the money for the 'not quite luxury but things that I have not accounted for in our essential living budget' .

The afternoon was therefore spent in front of my much overworked laptop, and many buttons were clattered as I wore my accountant / auditor hat on behalf of a couple of UK based clients. 

Wine o'clock could not come soon enough for me - I was never so happy as at 6 this evening when I shut down all those programmes and sat back with a glass of red and a lovely pasta carbonara that I rustled up in a few minutes from some ham, some frozen mushrooms and the almost out of date creme fraiche in the fridge.

Definitely a night to see what is on the TV, and put my feet up in front of the fire.
My eyes are too cross-eyed and tired out to knit even.

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dayne said...

Carbonara! lovely stuff!