Monday, February 1, 2010

Re-fashion (fingerless gloves in an hour)

Re-fashion is the new buzz word that seems to have arrived from nowhere, closely following on the heels of upcycling. I think I quite like re-fashioning - it seems to hit the nail on the head.

Today I am re-fashioning an absolutely hideous jumper that my mum picked up for me at a UK car boot sale. I really don't know what she was thinking - maybe the sun glare blinded her behind her sunglasses - oh wait - forgot she was in the UK - perhaps she could not see clearly from under her brolly!

So the sleeves were unceremoniously chopped off, ready to fashion into a pair of fingerless gloves.

I acutally unpicked the seams of the jumper because I quite like the stripey front so want to keep that to use with something else.  Once the arms were removed intact, I unpicked the seam on the wrist ribbing and made a thumb hole, then with the seam re-sewn, I cut the top at the inner arm straight across.  I then created a generous hem by double folding to stop any unravelling of the knit, and hemmed with the thread that I unpicked from the seams.

A couple of black flowers to add some glamour to the gold threads in the knit with the recycled buttons from the original neckline detail as centre points to finish.

The black flowers will be made from the off cuts from the black dress that I re-fashioned in January.

These are really easy to make, cut 10 circles from the material of your choice, start with one circle then fold the other nine in half, thread these on a needle and fasten to the centre of the original circle, then you can fan them out to create ruffled petals, you can further secure these with a couple more stitches, and finish with a bead or button of your choice.

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