Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A project in an hour

Some time ago whilst busily chopping onions my chopping board imploded and split into two pieces, both of which are slightly too narrow to work successfully as chopping boards except for chillies.

Not being the sort of person to throw anything away - good job we have a barn to keep all of my 'can be recycled items' in - I put the smaller half of the board in a box with the intention of using it for something one day. Well today is that day.

Today that piece of chopping board got a make over.

I had to go for a job interview this morning - a very rare occurence and it necessitated wearing some makeup and some slightly smarter clothes than normal - and I decided I wanted to wear some earrings, until I realised they were all in a jumble in the top of my jewelry box and I couldn't get a pair separated easily.

When I got home this afternoon it occured to me that somewhere in amongst all my craft stuff were some small mirror tiles, so I hunted down one of those tiles and got that bit of chopping board from the barn and married the two together with the help of some double sided mirror tape and a few carpet tacks.

The carpet tacks went in along the bottom edge of the tile, and I knocked them back just enough that the tile would sit behind the head of the nails, then to secure it in place I used a couple of strips of the double sided tape that came with the tiles.

Then with my Dremel - (I had to include the photo of my Dremel kit - simply to prove to everyone quite how retentive I really am - every accessory for it is in its proper place, including the plastic protective covering, and the small plastic tub with the replacement sanding discs and stones) - I made some small guide holes and screwed in place some spare curtain hook and eyes that were in my tool box.

And there you go - from chopping board to mirrored earring tidy that can be wall mounted or propped up on the dressing table in an hour.

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