Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's knitting

Having polished off the hat yesterday, Thea asked me for the matching fingerless gloves, so whipped them off my needles this afternoon.

The hat and mittens in this lovely bright blue where knitted on slightly larger needles (UK4.5) than those recommended to give a looser knit.

Hat Pattern

Cast on 100 stitches.
Knit 1, Purl 1 for 1 inch of ribbing.
Then K2, P2 until total length of your knitting is 6.5 inches.
Then K2, P2tog to end of next row
K1, P2tog to end of next row
K2tog P1 K1 K2tog to end on next row
K2tog P1 K1 K2tog to end on next row
K2tog, P2tog each row until 7 stitches remain
Draw wool through and sew sides together.

Fingerless Gloves

Cast on 40 stitches.
K2, P2 for next 38 rows
Cast off with a long thread, and sew sides together, leaving one inch hole open, one inch from top.

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Mumma Troll said...

Wow, I can't beleive you can knit so quickly. The hat and gloves are a beautiful colour, your daughter must be very pleased.