Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday again...

WOW - don't Mondays roll around quickly.

Not just any old Monday either, but a Monday half way through February already.  I feel like I blinked quickly and it got to February without me noticing. 

I have been exhausted most of the day.  I spend my week speaking French, and I am definitely not a natural linguist, so I look forward to the weekends when I can just get lazy and speak English, but yesterday's afternoon theatre trip was all in French and my poor brain is fried now.  I have struggled to focus in English all day and now with a couple teens babbling away in French at me again I just want to crawl under the duvet and sleep the evening away.

I did get up with a purpose today.  I have finally decided to tackle my ironing pile, as it is 12 months old now.

To be fair, ironing is one of those things I gave up in the move, and so I iron very little, but there are those occasional items that really do need flattening in order to be flattering.  Part of the problem is the fact that I no longer have an ironing board, therefore any ironing gets done on the wooden chopping board, covered in a towel, on the kitchen table. 

This is actually a great way of sanitising the chopping board, which is a flat-ish piece of aged oak I found in the garden and a friend kindly sanded down for me with his much bigger belt sander.  I then painted it a couple of times with some vegetable oil and dried it out over the Rayburn.

I took me an hour to tackle the ironing, a couple of shirts, a dress, a cotton waistcoat and three other tops with frills, but it is finally done.  The only problem is I decided to tackle the ironing because it was hanging outside of the wardrobe and getting on my nerves, now I have finally done the ironing it is still just hanging outside of the wardrobe.  One day soon I will get round to putting it away.

I must be doing something right, because my daughter approached me this morning and asked me to make her a hat, but she wanted something bright, instead of the neutral wools I normally use, so I sent her to search the store cupboard to see what she could find.  And what she found was three skeins of a bright turquiose blue wool in amongst a bag of wools that I picked up  at a car boot sale for a couple of euros (price ticket was still on the bag).

To reward her good taste in hats I decided to try to get it finished in one day, so she could wear it tomorrow while toboganning.  I have therefore spent a most relaxing afternoon knitting away, and have one complete hat to show for it although I feel it is lacking in some decorations but my teen is happy with it plain.

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Kezz said...

I like your approach to ironing... similar to mine, except I NEVER iron :) The man of the house irons his own button up shirts on the rare occasion he wears one. I just dry everything on the hangers.