Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine weekend

Saturday saw me settled in front of the TV, with some hemming to finish.

The green top was once a dress, cut off at hip length, and then finished with some antique lace. I actually finished this re-fashion last summer and then tore the lace and it has been waiting to be finished with some new vintage lace ever since.

The black top is mentioned earlier in this blog, and I was originally going to get my sewing machine out to hem it, but whilst settled comfortably I decided to hand hem it.

As this dress is from nylon cross grain, it did not require lots of hemming as it tends not to fray, but to give a more finised look, I created a rolled hem.

These is easily done by just rolling the edge of the fabric between the finger and thumb in one hand and then securing with some running stitch. This dress was lined, so with two layers of hemming, it now swings out across the thighs as a tunic top without clinging.

The white shirt is my indulgent buy this year.

I stuck to my self enforced criteria but was lucky enough to find this 100% organic cotton shirt in the sales.

As the summers here can be very hot, I like something light I can throw on over my shoulders to prevent sunburn when out and about, and this plain white shirt is ideal, but just a little bit too plain. It appears here as the 'before' shot, for the re-vamp due in the week.

Sunday - today - is Valentine's day.

We have never really been moved by Hallmark generated celebrations, and while living on a tight budget, there is no reason to be wasting money on hideously overpriced plastic wrapped tat.

I have never been keen on cut flowers either, particularly in the depths of winter when you know they have travelled thousands of miles for the privelidge of wilting in your house.

So what do you do for an eco friendly, green Valentine.

Coffee in bed and the luxury of a fresh hot water bottle so you can have a lie-in with a good book. Bliss.

Today's project is a little different.

Les Dames des Villosanges.

Today I am a taxi driver.

Our neighbouring village is presenting a little theatrical event, some comedy skits, some singing, some dancing, and a glass of wine and nibbles. With the snow quite heavy on the ground at the moment, my 4x4 has been called into service as the taxi for the ladies from my village. I just hope that they can all climb up into the back seats, looks like a tin bucket for a step.

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