Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring in the air

Our clear air here in the Auvernge leaves our trees covered in lichen all year round.

With the temperatures going up slowly, and managing to hit 7C today, it was a lovely day to be in my studio.

Sometimes these men redeem themselves and today was one of those days.

I mentioned on my way out of the door on my way to work this morning, what a lovely day it was and how it would be nice to spend some time in my studio today. When I got home at lunch time my lovely other half had lit the fire and it was toasty and warm in the studio, so a quick snack and in I went.

My plan for today was to sort through my seeds and make my garden plan for this year.

I started with my lunar diary - I make these every year, following the Maria Thun lunar calendar, and marked out the auspicious planting days. While I try to stick to these, sometimes it is just not possible according to weather conditions but at least the diary gives me a guideline to follow. Which when you are trying to plant 400 m2 is useful.

I rotate every year in order to maximise the efficiency of the earth without draining it of essential nutrients and minerals, and I like to plant different varieties of our staples. I collect a lot of my own seeds for our organic planting, carrots, parsnips etc.

My herb garden is self seeding now so apart from planting the odd new herb as I find them, it comes back every year quite happily, with coriander, rosemary, parsley, thyme, tarragon, lemon balm, mint, chinese parsley, horseradish, dill, chives, garlic chives, fennel, garlic, sage and of course Absinthe! I expand it every year and this spring it will be no different, it curently measures 3 metres by 2 metres, and runs across the front of the main vegetable garden, but I think I need to add another metre to it. My basil I tend to leave in the greenhouse as it is just that bit warmer in there for it.

With the diary marked out for the moon ascending/descending, the optimum planting dates marked out, I drew out the garden plan for 2010. This year I have decided not to plant any potatoes in the main veg garden, nor any turnips until I have decided whether to get a pig or not for this winter's freezer. If we do get a weaner, I intend to turn some of the winter horse grazing field over to the cultivation of some root veg to assist with the feeding of it.

Having drawn up the plan, I went through all the seeds I have and I find that I am only missing a couple of items, some plum tomatoes some fennel, and some borlotti beans.

Everything starts from the first of March, after the full moon, can't wait.
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