Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring is still in the air - for today anyway.

According to my daughter I have gone mad.

Oh well. Nevermind.  I don't think she needed to post it on Facebook though!

It is all to do with the sunshine.
We have some.

There is something about seeing the sun after winter that makes me want to clean house and it is no small feat considering our heating is all wood and coal. The dust and muck this creates is huge, so spring cleaning starts early and takes weeks.

Today I started with the mantlepiece above the Rayburn - the worst spot.

I have my selection of gardening and cookery books up there, several bottles and jars and a collection of vintage tins.

Everything came off, the ceiling was swept, every item was washed and dried in the sun, the wall was washed down and the oak beam that creates the mantlepiece was also washed.

When everything was dry and clean, back it went - ready to catch dust again!

I gave my vintage chrome kettles a polish too, ready to go back on the Rayburn - which also had a good clean.

I had all the windows open earlier, the cold sun streaming into the house, airing out all the musty corners, all the rugs and blankets thrown over the window sills ready to have the dust beaten out - it really felt like the start of Spring.

I know it is shortlived though as the forecast for tomorrow is more snow.


A couple of the wine baskets from the mantlepiece drying out in the sun on the window sill after a good washing to remove the dust.
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