Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sewing weekend

With the snow finally melted and the temperatures managing to get above freezing for a couple of days, it meant I could move back out to my studio.

I have missed the peace and quiet, but mostly I have missed the ability to spread out on my tables and to not have to pack up every five minutes to make room for dinner or homework or any other interruption.

Saturday was pattern drawing day for the decorations that I want to sew onto a few items:

bottle gift bags that I made a while ago, but ran out of steam on the decorations
a plain white shirt
some new birthday cards to replenish my depleted stocks
and some new flower knitting patterns for some finished hats.

Sunday, I lit the fire in my studio and spent a blissful 6 hours in there with my new mp3 player, my little kettle boiling away for coffee and a couple of leftover slices of cake.

Fantastic - could not ask for a better bit of 'me time'.

I also strung together some photo clip garlands for my Etsy shop, which, just as soon as I have charged the battery for my camera, I will get photographed and listed, hopefully that will be tomorrow's project.

Having sold a few hats now, I need to have a good sort out of my wool and get some more hats on the go to restock my shop with those too.

With snow on the forecast for the week ahead, that should give me enough indoor time to get a few done anyway.

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