Monday, February 8, 2010

Mission accomplished

As you can see, reading through yesterday's post - today I intended to get the fruits of the weekend's labours on Etsy when I got my camera sorted out - this now done, mission accomplised.

Photo clip garlands now successfully listed, as are the jute gift bags - I have to say I am really pleased with how they have turned out, the quality of the original material shows.  The bags are a bit bigger than a standard bottle sized bag, but I did not want to waste any of the material I had, and there was not enough for 3.

The little photo garlands look lovely, I have kept one for myself for the bedroom - I am still determined to get some decorations up in there, and with Bren safely out of the way this afternoon I might manage to get a couple of nails in the wall.


With another hat winging its way to the USA, I have to go and sort out some more wool to get started on the next batch.   

But with the sun shining, thoughts of the garden and this year's planting are dominating my mind - I know Spring is not here, and that there is more snow on the way, but it is so hard to think logically when you have all the doors and windows flung open to take advantage of the meagre sunshine on offer.  

In a very French style I threw all my rugs and bed blankets out on the window sills this morning to air out, but now that the sun has moved off the front of the house, you can really feel the temperature dropping, and it does remind you that winter is not over yet.  Oh well - time to drag everything in, get the fires lit, and relax with a new skein of wool.

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