Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just like Christmas

Received a lovely goody bag from my mum today, full of yummy and useful things.

Amongst the herbs and spices (and that naughty Galaxy chocolate - soooo yummy) there was another of her fantastic charity shop bargains.  A loose knitted short sleeve top with a scalloped edge, in a light beige, made from a cotton/silk mix chunky thread.

I am never sure whether she buys me these things for me to wear - in which case I perhaps should be offended as she has a real gift for buying hideously unflattering clothing, or whether she buys these things for me to take apart and refashion.  Either way, the top came apart today and I now have 3 balls of lovely soft wool ready to be used for something else.

As it is a woven thread, it will tolerate being crocheted too, so whilst I am not sure yet what to make from it, it does have lots of potential.

Hmmmm - time to cruise those free pattern websites to see what I find.

Generally I start from and work out from there.  Something to look forward to this evening when there is nothing on the TV yet again.

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Fran said...

People are either a Cadbury's Dairy Milk person or a Galaxy person. Glad to hear you are on the side of good taste!!!!!