Thursday, February 25, 2010

Houdini Horse

This is Milla

She is closely related to Harry Houdini.

I have never known a horse who can escape the way she can.

So far she has gnawed through electric fencing posts, waded through a lake, broken through post and rail fencing and learnt how to open field gates.

Some time during the night she jumped 4 foot high barbed wire fencing.

We had some really stong gusty winds overnight and she is not overly keen on windy conditions as most horses are not, therefore she obviously decided last night or early this morning that enough was enough, leapt over the fencing and went to find somewhere else to be.

This morning was spent tracking down her hoof marks and hoping that she had not run off too far, and that she had not hurt herself.  Luckily she had only gone three fields up, and was completely unhurt, not a scratch or bruise thankfully.  Surprisingly enough - or perhaps unsurprisingly - she was eager to come home, normally trying to catch her after an escape and in the wind is near impossible, but this morning, she came straight over to be caught and strolled home quite readily - I think she must have scared herself.

Today's project has been to reinforce the posts around the perimeter of the field, restring some of the barbed wire, and add some 'flutter' guards to the posts to discourage her from approaching them.

I believe that where she has been rubbing her bum on the posts she loosened them in the thawing mud and the fence was starting to tilt and was therefore lower than normal.  I was waiting for some nicer weather before I got round to this repair job, but Milla took her opportunity and so there was no choice - fence fixing it had to be.

Signs of relief that a few posts and some barbed wire is all that was required for this project and not a trip to the vet and stitches.

Now just have to wait and see what her next trick will be.

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