Saturday, January 23, 2010

If music be the food of ............... something

Today has been a lovely day of quality sales shopping time with my daughter.  With her birthday falling in Feb, we tend to get her birthday pressies in the post Christmas sales, and this year has been no exception.  That just leaves me with a couple of bags of clothes and some new boots to get wrapped up. 

But whilst that was a very enjoyable way to spend a day, it does not really qualify for a project.

I hit the new technological age at Christmas myself with some fancy new gadgetry that I have been sternly advised I cannot on pain of death call a walkman.  It is an MP3 player, and so tiny and cute looking that I am quite in love with it, accompanied by a docking station to give me a stereo system in my studio.

(Somehow I just cannot get MP3 player to trip off my tongue though, so it is and forever will be a walkman - have to whisper that bit in case the teen police are listening).

Therefore today's project was to actually download my albums onto it, because the first time I managed to hide albums in folders that then would not play on the random shuffle option - total technophobe here.

The random shuffle option now has me listening to Latin Divas, next to Garbage, next to the Doors, next to Lily Allen, then some Evanescence, followed by some Bjork, with some Metallica and Pink in the mix.  Hmmm - eclectic anyone?

I had forgotten how much music affects my mood, and sets the tone and pace of a day - what bliss now to do my housework plugged into my tiny earphones.   Well almost bliss, truthfully just slightly less than a bore chore when I can dance around and sing really really really badly while changing the beds - until poor Brendan had to come and take my new toy away.  He said something about his ears bleeding due to my tone deaf caterwauling.  Cheek.  Oh well hopefully will get it back tomorrow.

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