Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank crunchie for Friday

Today is a collage of projects - time for that sewing needle to get busy.

I started with the torn sleeve on a shirt that I have not worn since summer, when I tore it on an apple tree and never got round to fixing it.

Then the button that popped off my waistcoat a week ago - luckily managed to catch it when it hit the floor so did not have to replace all the buttons to match.

The finally the black dress.

As some of you may be aware my main new year resolution this year is not to buy any new clothes. I am allowing myself second hand clothes and Fairtrade, but really with a bulging wardrobe I should not require any additions to it for at least 5 years.

This black dress I bought on ebay last year, but hated it on once it arrived - one of the drawbacks of buying clothes on ebay - but I really liked the slashed sleeves and the bead detailed v-neck, so decided to keep it and turn it into a tunic top to wear with jeans. So I promptly shoved the dress on a hanger and forgot about it for 9 months.

Today while I had the sewing box to hand I cut 15inces off the bottom of the dress, so it now hangs to mid thigh, and removed some of the extra beading that looked a little overdone and a bit too bling for me. Just need to get the sewing machine out to finish the hem neatly, but that will be a job for another day as we are off out for a meal tonight with friends so need to get out of my work clothes and find something to wear!
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