Sunday, January 24, 2010

A bit more green

Some time ago I decided to introduce a bit more colour in our living room, which is mostly shades of brown against white walls. Brown floor, brown sofas, brown rug, brown furniture, brown cushions - you get the picture.

So on a trip to Ikea I thought I would get all creative and introduce some green to the living room - and mostly that consisted of some new soft furnishings therefore a perfect excuse for buying some lovely soft throws and squidgy soft cushions - what is it with men and cushions, as if introducting a degree of comfort to the sofa will have some violently detrimental effect on their masculinity?

Anyway some new cushions, a new throw and some green candles later and I ran out of steam - interior designer I am most definitely not.

But whilst I was on a green shopping fix, I found these gorgeous felt leaves and had the wonderful idea of creating my own cushion covers with them, needless to say they have been gathering dust for the last 4 months in a corner and the cushions they were intended to go on have been used and abused by the cats.

Therefore today's project was to clean up the cushions - done, dried out beautifully on the plate rack on the Rayburn, and the felt leaves have finally been sown on, with a dab of glue in places to help keep them in place.

They look so lovely, I cannot believe how long it took me to get around to doing this. Now just need to convince the cats that they are not allowed to sit on them, oh - and Brendan too.
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