Thursday, February 17, 2011

What made me cry this morning?

There I was in amongst some of my favourite things, my balls of wool and my knitting needles, surrounded by patterns and my camera prepped for my week 7 52 images for 2011 theme 'numbers', when the door went.

I raced down the stairs to find the postie fighting off the chickens to leave me a little parcel. A parcel actually addressed to me and not to Thea (who's birthday is coming up so the only post for days has been for her).

I could say I displayed restraint and carefully opened the envelope - but that would be a lie, I tore into it as though my life depended on it. Then had to spend the next 5 minutes manfully blinking the tears from my eyes - I am such a marshmallow these days.

At the beginning of the year, a forum friend organised a little group on Facebook for swapping handmade gifts every month, and today I received my February gift.  An incredibly thoughtful and appropriate gift from someone I have never met, merely 'spoken' to on a forum and via FB.  So thank you.   It is brilliant.  Now I just have to hide the little bag from Thea before she spots and tries to claim it as a makeup bag.

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growingthings said...

I'm so glad you like it, and it was a well fought war with my eldest to even get it sent to you! So it is no stranger to a battle or two.

Lorna x