Sunday, February 20, 2011

I went to the shops and I bought .......

well, actually I was going to buy a little pedometer for when I am taking my little strolls through the countryside with the dog.

My first mistake was going to the shops with Brendan - why you may ask - well it's like this... I went to the shops to buy one of these:

and what I ended up with was one of these:

This is a pedometer watch with calorie counting, altitude and speed measurements based around an inbuilt GPS system.
I know, I know, overkill doesn't even come near, but I think Brendan was a bit concerned that I might just wander off into the Auvergne countryside never to be seen again, or at least that I would be too late back to cook dinner.

Anyway I did not really need that much convincing because I am after all a bit of a gadget freak myself and so the concept of something that would then show me my route on google earth afterwards just was too beguiling to resist.

In fact it was interesting enough to even make Brendan leave the house and walk a little bit with me too, just so he could see the gadget at work.

My first results look like this:

totals  :  6.619 km in 1 hour and 16 minutes and 555 calories burnt.

Now I am off to research how I add routes to the device just so I can see it tell me that I am going the wrong way!

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