Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 4 entry - theme - White

I was struck by how much the word white resonates for me along side the image of texture.

Whether it is crisp white cotton snapping in the breeze on a the washing line, the soft fur of Ferguson's belly as he curls up beside me, or the course knobbly feel of the crochet bedspread as I pull it up over the duvet every morning.

So this week I have concentrated on textured macro shots before finally choosing my entry for the group.

the white cotton bedspread

white cotton wool

and finally the entry for 52 images for 2011 flickr group - white beauty cream.


Sleepwalker said...

White dove soap is just the most perfect white when wet and so is shaving foam. Interesting blog post!

Absinthe Fairy said...

oh yeah - never thought of lather as a white potential, you have sparked my 'taste' buds and may have to go and experiment some more with white macro images. thank you