Thursday, January 27, 2011

An explosion of feathers....

My new lens arrived by post today, just in time for inspiration to strike for the week 4 themed entry 'White'.

This was another ebay bargain, found half the price of the other lenses of its type because of a typo by the seller in the description line.

I just wanted something that would bring me in even closer to the subject without resorting to macro screw ons, so have been playing around with it this morning.

Experimenting with various ideas took me upstairs - only to find that the kittens had discovered my stash of feathers and had been busily distributing them across the landing, stairs and spare bedroom.  It looked as though there had been a massacre there, several chickens, ducks and even a pheasant liberally spread across the rugs.

Now that is all cleaned up I can get on with processing my photos - that is if I can stay away from my crochet long enough - seriously hooked (pun intended!!)

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