Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feeling a tad apprehensive

Our birds are split into two separate flocks who spend the day together.

The white meat birds who also live with the pet Orpingtons, and our older egg flock.

Tonight is the first night that they will all sleep together.

It only took an hour of trying to entice the meat birds into the big coop with the egg flock, before I gave up and carried them to bed one by one, jostling for space on their behalf on the perches.

I don't pick them up to carry them around on a daily basis but tonight really highlighted the weight difference between meat and egg birds. The Orpingtons are a month younger than the meat birds give or take but weight wise there is probably a kilo and half if not more between them.

The perch peck-a-thon is over (I hope) and, fingers crossed, not too many bloody combs and wattles in the morning.

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Damn The Broccoli said...

When I added my newbies in the old ones stood over the door and wouldn't let the new girls in the coop to roost.

I took matters into my own hands and went and moved the old chicks out of the way.

I've found in most things the one thing that works well is to let the animal know that you are boss, although not always easy.

It helped that the birds were all close in size as well though so any fighting would be equal sided at least.

Now one of the new batch seems to be head hen.