Saturday, December 11, 2010

Embellishment Friday

I lit the fire in my studio and tried to hide out in there, just Ferguson and I, snuggled in from the cold.

Did not quite work out that way, my little fire in there is just too little to heat up a room from a starting temperature of -4°C. It valiantly chugged away and got to 9°C but could not seem to get any higher.

I ended up sat hunched over in my chair with Fergie on my lap, hat, scarf and thick winter coat buttoned up to the neck, dipping my hand back into my gloves everytime I finished sewing on a button.

Decamped back to the house at lunchtime, but I did manage to finish attaching the fastening buttons for the latest bags, embellishment vintage buttons on the bags and hats, turning up some jeans, taking in some trousers, and a baby hat for a friends complete with fluffy woolen flower (hard to show any pictures as a lot of these are pressies for people who sometimes read my blog).  Now all neatly wrapped and trimmed.

Oh yes - and had a job interview. Start with a new client on Tuesday. Although to call it an interview is a bit OTT. The eldest son of a neighbour popped in for a stare around my studio (he only remembers it as a bread oven from when he was a child) and to ask if I would tend to his mother for a fortnight when she returns from her operation on Monday.
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