Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas card frenzy

In a frenzy of activity today.

Chose the two images for this year's cards, now printed, written and posted.

Bought a mega pack of turkey steaks reduced so made curry for tomorrow, grilled steaks with dauphinoise potatoes for tonight, and a creamy pie filling ready for the weekend.

Been to parents evening.

Wrapped pressies.

Went to the agricultural suppliers for animal feed for winter.

as you can see the crochet bag is now in use as my crochet project bag

Started my next crochet project - the most complicated thing I have attempted.

Just a stack of sewing projects to finish tomorrow, weather permitting I can set myself up in my studio and finish off the trouser turnups, vintage button addition to gift bags and waist line adjustments to a couple of pairs of trousers - incredibly taking them in not out!
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