Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Olympic entry

" - what on earth do you think you are doing now?"

Chicken tickling.

Take one leafy branch - not easy to come by in the middle of winter but I found one.

Then with branch in left hand and right arm outstretched attempt to round up eleven stubborn chickens into their new coop.

Fingers of right hand must continue wriggling throughout the manoeuvre and "tickle tickle tickle" must be recited in high pitched tone.

Branch is not allowed to touch the ground nor any chicken.

Picking up of chickens means instant disqualification.

Event is timed.

"- come near me with that stick - I dare you!"

Just enough light this evening to finish my crochet shawl, photos to be posted tomorrow hopefully.

I also managed to get the first stage of the costumes for Friday's murder mystery party sorted out. For everyone but myself. My wardrobe currently consists of two red feather boas. I think I need to add something else to that.
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The Phoenix Rising said...

Im hungry for grilled chicken now.... and somes eggs...