Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A cat's life for me

With the weather still grey and sleety, the cats are refusing point blank to go outside, although poor Mr Pink here is being gradually pushed off his perch by the two naughty kittens (they all seem rather keen on the new cushion covers I made the other day).

My bathroom looks like this

- as you can see plumbing still underway, the living room wall has had several large holes drilled through it for the heat exchange pipes -

but no end in sight yet.

I think of all the things in the world to dislike, the thing I dislike the most is plaster dust, so fine and white and dusty, it gets everywhere and is a complete horror to have to clean up, hopefully that bit is now over, just more patching up to do on the plaster instead.

So while Brendan nipped off to the docs and the supermarket after fetching Thea from school, I ran off to do something infinitely more interesting instead.

From plain picture frame:

- via glue gun, peacock feathers and tiny mother of pearl buttons -

to this:
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Damn The Broccoli said...

Pin a damp blanket to the doorframe of the room Brendan is working in, this will at least stop dust getting out of there.

I hate plaster dust as generally I itch for a week after using it and it is very drying as well.

Think of the final product.