Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another 8 jars of passata

With winter fast approaching we have been busy the last few days getting as much as possible of our last bits of harvest in and stored.

Another 8 jars of passata came from the last tomatoes in the greenhouse when I cleared it out in the week, but did not get cooked up until today.

Another jar of dried foraged field mushrooms.

Another large bottle of dried mixed herbs.

And the last of my jars has now been used up, just a few kilners to go for the pumpkin puree and that's it.

Red bell peppers and green chillies under oil in some pop top beer bottles, garlic cloves in oil for everyday use in old vodka and gin bottles.

And that was the last of my glass bottles used up.

The pantry is overflowing now, I have a whole corner of the barn also devoted to jars of jam and chutney. We will definitely not starve.

Going to carve up the Halloween pumpkin now ready for tonight.
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