Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up to my neck in poo

or manure if you prefer.

Having got umpteen little jobs out of the way on Monday, and finally got all my accounts sorted, filed, acknowledged and signed off to keep the tax man happy for another year I can put all the pretty colour coordinated folders away, take off my office work head and get back to being a scatterbrained hippy in the garden.


So - new strawberry plot to be dug, old plot to be dug over and big piles of stinking poo to move around.

Here is the existing edge of the strawberry plot.

Here is the new bit dug over.

Here is the new bit planted with baby runner plants.

All edged with the local building blocks that our house is also constructed from.

And even better - Ferguson caught his first BIG mouse.


Much more fun than calculating balance sheets.


Damn The Broccoli said...

I work with Excel all day and take a slightly perverted pleasure from it. Nothing obscene, I just enjoy it more than I should!

That said I would rather be in the garden. How good does your soil look?

In the picture it looks very fertile indeed, far better than I am struggling with but I intend to do somethig about that this year.

By the way did you get a message from me last week through the friend connect thing? I only ask because I had problems recieving one some time back so it may not have arrived.

Absinthe Fairy said...

We are very lucky that the soil here is very good. The garden had not been used for any sort of growing for nearly 20 years and the farmhouse had been uninhabited for 15 years. We ploughed up the garden to create the veggie plot and I manure it every autumn as well as crop rotate and leave some fallow or for green manure usually clover.

Sorry I have not received any message via friend connect - had to go and find it to check :)

resa said...

Oh, well done Ferguson.

Glad you can get back to playing in the dirt, that's always better than tax shenanigans. And strawberries are the best.

BeMistified said...

Awesomely done! I HATE excel with a passion. Yay for the Ferguson and his catch.