Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Procrastination much?

OK - I have a deadline - an absolutely cannot be missed deadline.  A 'gonna get a fine' deadline.  A really really really urgent deadline.  A must must must must because people are relying on me deadline.  A deadline so deadline-y that it towers above all other things.  A hugely important to our financial security deadline.  A governmentaly imposed deadline.  A ' you do not have the right to appeal ' deadline.  A deadline that has no opportunity for extension.  A deadline that I cannot miss.

So what have I done instead?

Well lets start with harvesting some more beans.

A little bit of weeding.

Harvesting some tomatoes.

Taking the dog for a long walk.

Picking blackberries while out for said walk.

Making jam with said blackberries.

Experimenting with making blackberry muffins with the aformentioned blackberries.

Worming the cats.

Cleaning the windows.

Vacuuming upstairs and down including all those hard to reach little nooks and crannies that have twelve months worth of dust bunnies lurking in them.

Dusting - scaring spiders out of the homes they have inhabited for the summer.

Finding appropriate receptacles for dried flowers and feathers.

Decorating said receptacles to make them prettier.

Collecting some more feathers from the geese.

Washine the feathers and spreading them out to dry in the sun.

Hanging the picture I bought at the car boot sale on Sunday.

Changing all the bedding.

Washing and drying all the bedding.

Taking all the rugs outside for a good beating.

Making some tomato passata with the harvested tomatoes.

Taking all the paperwork required for meeting said deadline and spreading it all over the floor.

Finding colour coded files to put said paperwork into - looks very pretty now.

Completing other paperwork before its November deadline.

Going to the supermarket to buy milk.

Listing items on Etsy.

Updating my blog.

I really need to get this stuff done before the deadline, but first I'll go and mop the pantry floor.......


Susie said...

I used to have a *completely undoable* job, I swear after doing that job I could run the country in 12 hours a week with no stress. Anyway, over time my criteria for should-I-do-this-now moved through:

1/ Will anyone get into trouble
2/ Will I get into trouble
3/ Is there a fine
4/ Is there a fine of more than £500
5/ Will anyone I like have to go to court
6/ Will I have to go to court
7/ Will anyone I like have to go to prison

Hopefully your deadline isn't quite that bad yet, and I can see that the cats would need de-worming first, definitely ;-).

(Hope you're getting on with it!).

Damn The Broccoli said...

Just what time is this deadline anyway?

Maybe fit in a meal and a glass of wine before panic sets in.