Monday, August 2, 2010

Pacing myself

I have not been in my studio for a while, what with one thing and another recently, mostly gardening.

When I got home from work this afternoon it was still raining and therefore an ideal time to go and shut myself in away from the telephone which rang itself off the hook this morning.

I thought I would ease myself in gently having negelected Molly the Dolly since buying her the weekend before last, and so grabbed a few things that just needed minor alterations in order to be wearable, thank you once again to the donors.

I tried to get back to the top that I am making from a pattern but I was all fingers and thumbs trying to fold delicate pleats in and then I could not be bothered to move everything around to get to the mirror to adjust the straps, so it is still not finished but it does at least have some hemming around the armholes now, a button and I attached the bit of upholstery braiding to the hem.  Almost done now.  

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