Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday market finds

Well the sun was up first thing this morning and so at the last minute we decided to head out for the local car boot sale, only a little one but I managed to find some good buys.

I found a couple of side plates for my harlequin set, as well as some bowls, which I did not acutally need but could not resist, a baguette bread cutting board, a little pot for putting kitchen utensils into, an as new cake tin and a lovely vintage phone which I have been searching for on behalf of some friends.

Once home I continued with the installation of software on my laptop (I am still struggling to find my way around the keyboard), and got the printer, the backup drive and the office suite all installed and working correctly.

Then I set to some weeding. In order not to be completely discouraged by the amount of work required after the latest bout of rainfall I have partitioned off the garden mentally and set myself a personal goal to acheive - the bean canes and planting out the patty pan squashes therefore clearing the row required for them. In fact as I got moving I realised how stiff my back had become, but after just a few swipes with the hoe, it freed up and in fact I got all the way across the top half of the garden. I was relieved to finally see some carrots coming through, a bit too early to tell with the re-seeded parsnips yet, but the cabbages and beets are thriving, as are the courgettes and cucumbers.

I also remembered to put my camera battery on charge, so I can catch up on my blog photos finally.
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Damn The Broccoli said...

Not sure if it would:

a) work


b) make matters worse

but in Windows you can change the keyboard layout. So altough you may be using something like a Dvorak, you ould tell windows it is QWERTY and use it as such. For a touch typer the fact that the keys are not labelled correctly shouldn't matter, as you don't need to look anyway.

Could be a tricky prospect in a different language though!