Saturday, June 12, 2010 hell and non querty keyboards

Having spent some time debating the pros and the cons of purchasing a new laptop, while we were in the city today we decided to take a closer look at some of the current offers here in France.

I find it quite easy not to order something on line and putting it off for yet another rainy day but actually seeing them in person today made my mind up for me.

So I am now installed in front of my new laptop and trying to find my way around the unfamiliar keyboard. I am a touch typist and it is hard to convince my fingers to go  in new directions, m a q w are in different places, there are additional characters and the symbols take some hunting down.

This afternoon was therefore spent downloading my usual software that I use regularly, like picasa and photoscape, getting rid of the pre-installed bits of software that are rubbish like norton and the demo games, and I was going to catch up on my missing blog photos, only to find that the camera battery is dead.

Before we went to town though there was just enough time to weed the flower bed, except as I tried to pull up the ground covering clover that was spreading I found a whole batch of chamomile coming through.  As this is not where I seeded it I can only guess that it has self seeded from the spent compost in the flower tubsthat were emptied into the bed at the end of last year.

In the end I pulled up a few green bits here and there that I could identify as not being flowers, found some trailing ivy and made a quick tripod to give the ivy and the flower bed some height, started weeding the herb garden until I trod in an ants' nest and had to do the slapping my legs dance across the garden to stop them biting me.

Glad there was no camera available to catch that for prosperity.

Gave up on the gardening at that point - it just seemed safer not to continue.

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