Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday morning - what to do with an old red jumper

This is the material I picked up on Sunday - no idea why I said it had peacocks in it - must have been one of those visual delusions. They are just stylised flowers.

Anyway - before work this morning, with it raining again, I had an hour to spare so obviously I spent it in my studio this time with an old red jumper.

First things first - on Sunday I bought a kitten bed for the new kittens in a lovely garish blue and yellow check - which Thea hated, now that I have removed the body of the sweater and recovered the kitten bed she loves it and has claimed it for her room, on the basis that it matches her black red and white decorating theme. I just hope her kitten appreciates it.

We are off to visit them again on Thursday - can't wait till we get to bring them home. Mr Pink has been additionally loving over the last few days as if to remind us that he is the current king of the hill. And Purple has vanished - I think she has gone to find her final resting place. She has been unwell for so long now, we thought she was dead the last time she vanished and the neighbour found her and bought her home, but since then her lump has grown significantly and she has stopped eating as well. I fear that this may be it, however she is the cat of 15 lives, one for each year of her lifespan so far, so maybe not, she may yet venture home.

Back to today's project.

Having removed the body of the jumper I was left with some arms, and a roll neck.

Just to set the record straight - I am not obsessed with fingerless gloves, honest I am not. I just find them so practical - when gardening or knitting or typing on the computer in my cold office, when driving, and when wearing yet more boring black and with the weather continuing in its current inclement way they are more practical than you might think for May.

I wear a lot of black, in fact should you watch one of those moving abroad type programmes you are bound to see those old ladies sitting outside their traditional stone houses in tiny villages dressed all in black shelling peas on roasting hot days - think of me when you do. In an attempt to spice up my dull dull dull winter wardrobe that consists of black jumpers and black tops and black black black, I have taken to wearing fingerless gloves that stretch up to my elbow in various colours (depending on which jumper I butchered recently), this has given my wardrobe an infusion of colour that has not cost me anything.

Therefore with some scarlet sleeves left over my poor tiny little brain could not see past the making of more gloves.
 I really admire the style of NCIS's Pauley Perrette, (although I have taken to staring at the screen trying to spot her wrinkles) she manages to carry off a modern goth look without resembling a cast off Marilyn Manson marionette.  I don't think that I could successfully manage the full look, but perhaps this way I can add a bit of gothic revival to my wardrobe.  I did used to be a happy goth (a misnomer I know) and I do miss a lot of the clothing. 

I have therefore decided to finish these gloves with contrast black stitching, black detailing around the thumb holes and some felted black flowers.  Now I just need some more time - this project will therefore have to roll over for another day.

But before heading out the door, I just had enough time to take the roll neck and finish it off into another headband ready to received the same black detailing treatment.  Back to my sketchbook I think.

The headband is really easy to make, just cut off the roll neck, fold it back in on itself to hide the large seam and sew together.

Because you are working with a stretch fabric I have found the easiest way to do this is to stitch by hand.  Pin into place around the perimeter, then stretch the fabric between your thumb and hand and sew just picking up a couple of threads either side of the join.

Right - off to watch another episode of NCIS for more style tips.
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