Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking forward to my holiday

Thursday is Ascension day in France, which is a bank holiday here and Brendan is going away with his motorcycle club for a long weekend.

I also have Friday off thanks to the French system of a 'pont' weekend - a bridge weekend, whereby it is acceptable to take the day in between a bank holiday and a weekend off work. The schools will be shut for this pont weekend also, so Thea will be home, but with Brendan away I have some very selfish plans in mind.

I am intending to spend the long weekend in my studio and so with that in mind, I set out my plans for what I hope to accomplish. As you can see from the photo I have pinned my rough drawn plans to the materials and want to get one kaftan loose top from an old sarong, one refashioned top for me and one refashioned top for my shop.

But the best thing about Monday is that it stopped raining and the sun came out. When I got home from work it was straight out into the garden and down to some serious weeding. I sorted out my polytunnel, got the third catch crop of raddish and salad leaves in, weeded around the bean poles, in the green house, through the salad pots and around the herb garden.

We ate our first garden salad of red chinese leaves, raddishes, chives, and pea shoots with some home made pizza. Lovely.
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