Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sorry mum - here's another one....

Sorry mum - here is another top that you sent me that has been subjected to my scissors.

I loved the black and white bold leaf patterns, but unforunately the top was not my size. I decided to take the original top apart, and detached the bra top from the empire line flared bottom the other night in front of the TV.

I have kept the top because with a bit more work I think I can make it fit and may have another go at a flared empire line top but in a contrasting material.  It has a new home temporarily in my box of 'to be looked again' clothes.

I then put on my halter neck top and chalk marked the empire line on the stretch cotton, and pinned with lots and lots of pins the flared bottom half to the black top.

Working with one non stretch fabric and one stretch fabric is always difficult.   I have found that when pinning the best thing to do is to have the non stretchy fabric underneath, and pull the stretchy fabric over it, keeping the two fabrics together over your finger to pin.  When sewing, especially machine sewing, sew with the stretchy fabric underneath, that way you can pull it into shape against the rigid fabric more easily as you go along.

But the first photo shows you the finished article, which now fits nicely, flares as it should, and means I have another new summery top for when the sun finally makes an appearance.

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